Saturday, June 27, 2015

Toyota-the-lizard トカゲの尻尾切りで

Question by
juazeiro2156さん on Yahoo! chiebukuro forum: 
Will Toyota's future sales be impacted by the arrest of its American officer for suspected drugs in Japan?

1. A smart answer 
wada_shinichirovさん: The responsibility is the individual's, not the corporation's. It will be like a lizard's tail cut off.

...A lizard blog describes a lovely methaphor (whoops, metaphor...): "Many lizards have the ability to discard all or part of their tails. This is called autotomy. Special muscles cause the tail to part from the body and continue to wriggle. This defense strategy can save a lizard's life. When the tail is discarded, or cut off by a predator it will wriggle wildly. This often distracts a predator allowing the lizard to make an escape. The fortunate survivor will begin to regenerate a new tail, although it will never by as long or useful as the original. You can tell if a lizard's tail has been regenerated. It is patternless and obvious. Most lizards can lose and regrow their tails over and over. But, regrowing a tail uses lots of energy. It can result in slower growth of young lizards and can result in fewer or no egg production in females until their energy stores are rebuilt.

2. A mysterious answer 
mixigroupcoさん. This manufacturer is already drugged, so this affair will win them popularity behind the scenes.

[what could this mean?]