Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Japan's Nikkan Gendai mag: "Who stabbed Julie Hamp?" トヨタ「麻薬」女常務を“刺した”のは誰か



In a piece that suggests that people think Julie Hamp may have been framed or her arrest arranged by outsiders with malicious intent toward her or toward Toyota, Japan's weekly Nikkan Gendai reports that the industry is rife with rumors about the identity of the person who "stabbed" Toyota's "drugs" female executive.

The headline teases, but this piece does not reveal the names of suspected enemies, or much other news about the case.

Two points:
1. In another small leak, the police have said that they have testimony that Julie was aware in advance that the package was due to arrive.
2. A US-based journalist was quoted anonymously as saying that Julie's fast rise within GM must have made her a lot of enemies, and that she must have been under extreme amounts of pressure.