Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sankei Shimbun: Julie admits oxy pills were not prescribed for her

Investigators play checkers with Julie.
Who will win?

[see my summary translation below]

トヨタ女性役員逮捕 麻薬オキシコドン錠剤「自分に処方されたものではない」 ハンプ容疑者

トヨタ女性役員逮捕 麻薬オキシコドン錠剤「自分に処方されたものではない」 ハンプ容疑者
産経新聞 6月25日(木)12時25分配信
"Sankei Shimbun reported today, Thursday, June 25, that suspect Julie Hamp, Toyota's female Managing Officer, admitted the narcotic oxycodone tablets "were not prescribed for me," according to investigative officials. The investigators are seeking to learn whether Hamp's father sent narcotics that were prescribed for him."
..."Hamp claims that she imported the drugs 'for alleviating knee pain,' but has also testified that she 'did not think she was importing drugs.' Although oxycodone is sometimes prescribed as an analgesic, investigators have found that suspect Hamp does not have any health condition requiring this medication."

39 pills were placed at the very bottom, then covered with a piece of vinyl.
18 more pills were concealed inside as shown.
(from Mainichi Shimbun)