Thursday, September 4, 2014

What a burnt corpse looks like after an auto accident

After being burnt to death in an auto accident.

This one is for Tom, Lisa, Kevin, and even more, specifically for Joel and Vince and Ted. You are working for people who have allowed this kind of thing to happen so they could make money. And you are making money from their money. It is very dirty money. It is money from the deaths of innocent people.

You should think twice about continuing to do that.

And next time you prepare lots of lovely motions and exhibits, formatted so beautifully and typed out in crisp black 12-point Times New Roman with the perfect serif, think about the crisp black texture of this dead man's skin, and look inside yourself and ask...which is more important?

I apologize to people who feel pain when they see this, and I apologize to the soul and to the family of this dead man, and may your death lead to fewer such deaths in the future.