Tuesday, September 2, 2014

An overabundance of evidence


Miracle on 34th Street, evidence production scene
[note the full courtroom; public is invited to court]

I have blogged many excerpts from Barr's overabundant testimony based on his examination of an immense amount of evidence in the source code. 

I blog short excerpts because it seems likely that non-engineers can understand them more easily than all 286 pages of testimony at once.

But this has become too much to blog for now, and I am busy writing a speech in which, if I choose to, I will have a chance to point out facts such as "Toyota lied to Congress" that relate directly to Lisa's statement submitted in her filing to Judge Selna last Friday. Lisa wrote and signed, "In fact, Toyota has worked with all relevant government agencies and cooperated with their requests." 

Lisa, you have rather unique definitions of "worked with" and "cooperated."

So, dear readers, I am posting the whole Barr testimony transcript. Please have a look at all 286 pages if you wish.