Thursday, September 18, 2014

Toyota US website blindfolds consumers seeking info on SUA


Let's imagine someone had an incident of SUA but they still trust Toyota as an honest and reliable information source about Toyota vehicle safety. So they go to the Toyota website and search on the terms that they know, hoping to learn more about what happened to them and how to ensure the safety of their families. 

And a lot of nothing comes up.

Consumers can go to a separate "recalls" section, but to get any information, they must input a VIN. Then they see only data relevant to their own vehicle, not the overall pattern.

And then consumers can submit complaints.

The subtle reality here is that information is flowing in only one direction--from the consumer to the company. When the consumer needs information to make informed decisions, there is none. When the company gets information from consumers, it can do anything that it wants with that information to advance its own interests at the expense of consumers if it so chooses.

Someone who does not own a Toyota is referred to the NHTSA website for recalls information. And we know the reputation of the NHTSA website.

I dream of a Toyota website that would tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Hmm. A little focus on the perennial excuse of driver behavior.