Monday, September 15, 2014

Mr. Strickland the magician

Mr. Strickland does it again. 
Out of an automaker black hat, he pulls a white rabbit of exoneration.

Senator Grassley, as is his right, tried looking behind the curtain. Or at least up the sleeve. And just got a lot more sleight of hand and maybe a rabbit paw charm for better luck next time.

This is history now, but I bring it forth again for the record to help explain some of the steps that seem to have advanced our least favorite automaker toward the ultimate end goal of DOJ finding "facts" that identify floor mats and sticky pedals as prime causes of SUA.

Here is the list of the Senator's key questions from his letter to NHTSA:

Senator Charles Grassley letter to NHTSA questioning scope of NHTSA-NASA study

NHTSA then-administrator David Strickland response letter to Senator Grassley

...Anyone can step right up and read through the history of NHTSA to see this trick over and over and over with every major automaker, and you can never quite catch a paper trail of how they do it.