Saturday, September 6, 2014

"Operating as designed"

Walk right in, sit right down.

When you have a complaint about an acceleration issue, you can just walk right in to the dealer, and sit right down, and let your mind roll on for a long, long time, because you will be told that the vehicle is "operating as designed." Even if the vehicle operation left the driver dead. Hey, maybe this is the truth. The vehicle operated just as poorly as it was designed.

Dr. Hook: walk right in, sit right down

Another set of complaints, including one from the owner of a 2002 Camry, about unintended acceleration problems resulted in another NHTSA review. Tinto wrote the agency in November that a Toyota dealership-led review of 59 vehicles whose owners complained of acceleration issues found that "no evidence of a system or component failure was found and the vehicles were operating as designed."
Outcome: NHTSA ended its probe in January 2006.