Tuesday, September 16, 2014

NHTSA agrees to take Toyota's $17 million "spare change" - Chris Reynolds signs with OK Vincent. Nice deal.

How long does it take Toyota to earn this amount? 

NHTSA - Toyota $17 million agreement

After a recitation of the facts that indisputably establish Toyota's culpability in not informing NHTSA of complaints that it was obligated to report, we get to read the earnest writing of NHTSA attorney Matthew Weisman, the very same lawyer who told me he would turn over docs to Toyota, to wit:

"WHEREAS  Toyota denies that it has violated the Safety Act or its implementing regulations..."


"without NHTSA making any formal findings with respect to TOYOTA's violations of the Safety Act"

la de da, pay $17.35 million to settle this,


8. Toyota acknowledges its obligation to report all safety-related defects to NHTSA within 5 working days as required by 49 C.F.R ss 573.6.

Has Toyota handed Barr's report or even his Powerpoint to NHTSA? Or are they considered "trade secrets" or "privileged?"