Saturday, September 20, 2014

Calling on non-U.S. blog readers to report Toyota safety defect recalls and campaigns

To the blog readers from dozens of countries.
Let us work together for the common good.


Please help watch Toyota's compliance with its U.S. legal requirements for safety defect reporting.

The U.S. TREAD Act requires automakers to report foreign recalls and safety campaigns. Here's an overview of that requirement:

"Foreign Safety Recall and Campaign Reporting
Manufacturers need to submit reports to NHTSA within five working days of when a manufacturer determines (or when a foreign government sends written notification to the manufacturer of its determination) to conduct a foreign safety recall or other foreign safety campaign of a vehicle or vehicle equipment that is identical to or substantially similar to what it sells in the United States."

This legal requirement is meant to help NHTSA assess the safety of cars on U.S. roads. If they find a foreign recall or safety campaign has been conducted, it may help trigger a U.S. recall and/or other foreign recalls around the world, helping consumers everywhere. Information sharing between countries is crucial. Governments are doing it among themselves, I've heard, but that does not cancel the need for automaker compliance.

That is why the recent Saudi recall is so important. (see my previous posts)

If you are a non-U.S. reader, please report your government's Toyota recalls /campaigns for safety defects, both SUA-related and for other kinds of safety defects.

This will help the Independent Monitor and NHTSA learn whether Toyota has complied with the TREAD Act reporting requirements. Legal compliance is an absolute must under Toyota's Deferred Prosecution Agreement.

Please try to collect official government or company notices, if possible, or any news reports, and send them to:

toyotamonitor [at] 


Jim_Lentz   [at]

(Jim Lentz needs to know about these so he can report them within five working days.
I question whether his Toyota colleagues are telling him.)