Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Toyota's first pathetic attempt at censorship of posted documents

...this just in...

somehow or other, twitter has been convinced to post a warning notice to readers who follow tweeted links to this blog and to one other blog that attempts to expose Toyota's misdeeds.

In a stupendous ironic twist, the links to this blog and the other blog are labelled by twitter as "unsafe." (!!!!!)

LOL or read and weep? Unsafe for who? >>IMHO, for Toyota and no one else. there is nothing malicious going on here. The blog may pose a little threat of exposing Toyota's fraud. Byproduct--it provides a little pocket change for the "gladiator" attorneys whose jobs consist of concealing dirty secrets about unsafe...unsafe products from the public.

Text of warning:

Warning: This link may be unsafe
The link you are trying to access has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially harmful or associated with a violation of Twitter’s Terms of Service. This link could lead to a site that:
  • steals your password or other personal information
  • installs malicious software programs on your computer
  • collects your personal information for spam purposes
  • has been associated with a violation of Twitter’s Terms of Service
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Sunday, September 18, 2016

doc F00956-ATX-14937907 TRY to catch a software bug before Tundra goes into mass production?

hiding a card...

F00956-ATX-14937907 doc that Toyota did not produce to U.S. govt, claiming it is irrelevant

source doc is somewhere in this group of 245 Japanese source docs
This document records an attempt to catch a potentially critical software bug in the cruise control that can lead to uncommanded acceleration, and the bug catching opportunity is immediately before mass production, which is too late. For every bug fixed, more are likely created.

This doc was shown on CNN, and Toyota vigorously denied that anything was wrong with the software. Its public statement [see text below] on that show, March 1, 2011, was almost surely misleading, and should be investigated as likely part of its cover-up of software defects.

Even if this defect was caught, it raises a large question about other defects that were not caught in time, as was admitted to by R&D chief Takimoto.

toyota defends itself laughably while attacking CNN

Saturday, September 17, 2016

doc HHAG0100008_0001 "Toyota doesn't [sic] lying, but it sounds like a lie"...really??

a layer cake.
a lawyer cake.
a liar cake.


This is the doc in which appears a quote made famous by the U.S. DoJ, quoting Chris Tinto about "so many lies."

Not enough lies were uncovered.

HHAG0100008_0001 record of and commentary about 1/2010 NHTSA-Toyota meeting on UA

HHAG0100008_0001 Japanese source doc

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Toyota 4Runner accelerates off of parking garage; in cliff-hanger, driver is rescued from dangling vehicle

Question: Why did Toyota not admit to the patterns it can obviously see in its internal databases of sudden acceleration incidents, i.e., many incidents of UA in parking lots that cannot be explained away by the flimsy excuse of 'pedal confusion?' Its Deferred Prosecution Agreement with the U.S. DoJ requires the company to proactively disclose safety issues.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

doc F00956-ATX-12376052 poor coordination of electrical design leads to vehicle problems in market

noise crusher needed.


F00956-ATX-12376052 Japanese source document

Engineer, woe is me: "when was the A/C placed near the NE sensor?"

engineer describes himself as "victim."

Lexus driver charged in fatal crash pleads not guilty, blames Toyota

Lexus reflects engineering chaos


"'We all want the truth to come out. This is going to be a third-party culpability case, and Toyota and Lexus, we plan on them being brought in and for the right outcome to happen for everybody,' [defense lawyer Louis] Shapiro said..."
"Shapiro said Kim's vehicle was defective and accelerated uncontrollably, causing the crash." 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

one answer about why toyota UA may happen

Someone who worked making IC chips at an Asian Tier 2 Toyota supplier (via Tier 1 Denso) said this;

"Our pay is $200/month. Our work schedule is four 12-hour days, then two days off. We inspect ICs manually or by microscope, and we are forced to work all night because the plant operates 24 hours a day. We fall asleep as we inspect. Even the supervisors fall asleep. If someone dies in a Toyota, they come and blame our ICs."

"Q: WHAT caused my 2013 Lexus RX450H to independently accelerate?"

Q: Car independently accelerated and
brake did not work - 2013 Lexus RX450H
asked by Stephane M on September 07, 2016
I was in a parking lot and backing out of the space. All the sudden and
without any warning, my car started independently accelerating and speeding
up; my brake would not work. Finally, I was able to stop the car by putting it
into Park. The stop was very abrupt and I didn’t even realize the sound was
my hitting something. This same thing happened about ½ a month ago, but
fortunately I did not hit anything that time. What is causing this trouble and
how do I find the solution?


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

doc F00956-ATX-15219508 FMEA failure modes during conversion to electronic throttle

Whoops dept.

F00956-ATX-15219508 list of system glitches, FMEA, during conversion to electronic throttle in 2001

F00956-ATX-15219508apanese source document

Years later, Toyota R&D chief Takimoto admitted in writing that not all possible failure modes were anticipated.

F00956-ATX-07050144 Takimoto admits

Japanese source doc

How can they have let this happen?  This is a damning indication of a systematic failure of their organization and management.  

Friday, September 2, 2016

doc F00956-ATX-15924189 Toyota engineer wonders what is displayed when mismatch between throttle position sensor, throttle position, and accelerator pedal

A mismatch.


F00956-ATX-15924189 Japanese source document

Note that this document directly calls into question the sworn testimony of Toyota executives, in particular Uchiyamada, before Congress...

There was indeed at least one UA incident caused by electrical/electronic components...but engineers could not understand what was happening.

"How is the failure mode displayed when there is a mismatch between the throttle position sensor * throttle position*accelerator sensor?
From the above situation,
Beyond the relationship between the accelerator, the throttle, (VSCTRC (throttle control and any causal relationship)) and the ECU, is there a need for reconsideration?
Because we don’t know, please look for the culprit once again.
I appreciate your cooperation, your understanding, and your consideration of the above matter.

Mr. Taki of VEC
Please arrange the meeting attendance of individuals who understand and are responsible for communication related to the Century VSC, TRC control."