Friday, September 2, 2016

doc F00956-ATX-15924189 Toyota engineer wonders what is displayed when mismatch between throttle position sensor, throttle position, and accelerator pedal

A mismatch.


F00956-ATX-15924189 Japanese source document

Note that this document directly calls into question the sworn testimony of Toyota executives, in particular Uchiyamada, before Congress...

There was indeed at least one UA incident caused by electrical/electronic components...but engineers could not understand what was happening.

"How is the failure mode displayed when there is a mismatch between the throttle position sensor * throttle position*accelerator sensor?
From the above situation,
Beyond the relationship between the accelerator, the throttle, (VSCTRC (throttle control and any causal relationship)) and the ECU, is there a need for reconsideration?
Because we don’t know, please look for the culprit once again.
I appreciate your cooperation, your understanding, and your consideration of the above matter.

Mr. Taki of VEC
Please arrange the meeting attendance of individuals who understand and are responsible for communication related to the Century VSC, TRC control."