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2012 Toyota Rav4 Sudden Acceleration

2012 Toyota Rav4 Sudden acceleration
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Location: Northern California
(2012 Toyta Rav4)
2012 Toyota Rav4 Sudden acceleration

I am new to this forum and I joined to ask some questions to see if
anyone has had any similar problems.
Here's the senario:We have a 2012 Toyota Rav4 base model two wheel
drive, 4 cyl. automatic. The car belongs to my mother, I was driving it,
my mother was in the front passenger seat. We had been driving for
roughly 15 minutes, and had come to a red light and were completely
stopped for approximately one minute when all of the sudden the engine
started revving and then the car lurched forward (like a stick shift would
do if you popped the clutch) and the tires spun and squeeled on the
pavement. Once the acceleration stopped and revving let up and it
returned to "normal" for being stopped, I put the car in park and pulled
the emergency brake. In shock as to what had just happened, I looked
at my mother and said "oh my god, what just happened?!!" I was in a
total state of shock and pretty shook up. We took the car back to the
house and I called AAA and had the Rav4 towed to our local Toyota
dealership. The same day, the service advisor called me and said he
needed to interview me to ask me some survey questions that Toyota
needed for the inspection of the vehicle. I answered the questions, which
some were similar to questions that would be asked if you were in a car
accident (road conditions, weather condition, was the car moving or
stopped, was the AC or heater on or off, etc). The following day, the
service advisor called again (I missed his call, he left a voice mail) He
stated that "the Rav4 is all checked out, did all inspections, submitted
with Toyota, and opened a case with Toyota on all the information that
he had went over with me, and he submitted it, everything is checking
out fine on the car, and they can't find anything that would cause this
concern, everything is checking out good. It's all done, the case is closed
with Toyota"

I disagree. The Rav4 is NOT okay, something IS definitely wrong, but
they claim nothing is wrong with it. Furthermore, when I insisted
something was wrong with the vehicle because I was the one behind the
driver seat when it when it happened, and that the accelerator problems
with Toyota were not top secret, the public knows about it, one of the
service advisors told me "Nasa has proved that none of the sticking gas
pedals in those instances ever happened" (???!) I told her I was not
going down that path with her and she told me I could take it up with
Toyota and she provided me with the case number.

My question to everyone is this: Has anyone out there had a similar issue
with a 2012 RAV4 or know anyone that has? Does anyone know what
the problem is? AND has anyone every been told what the service
advisor told me about NASA? This sounds to me like Toyota is trying to
brush a major serious problem under the carpet. We are terrified to
drive this car!! We fear for our life! I won't drive it home from Toytoa,
it's going to be towed back to our driveway. The car's only got 17,000
miles on it, new tires, new brakes, new battery and is paid off, we own it
outright and basically we have a car that isn't safe to drive but Toyota
won't admit a problem. Any help or suggestions would be greatly

Thank you!


Have you got any answers, dear Rav4 driver? You will never get answers from Toyota that you can rely on as the truth.
I know what the problem is, and I know many people who know what the problem is.