Saturday, April 11, 2015


A joke, but please no offense to engineers, some of my favorite people...

What is "pi"?

Mathematician: Pi is the number expressing the relationship between the circumference of a circle and its diameter.
Physicist: Pi is 3.1415927 plus or minus 0.00000005
Engineer: Pi is about 3.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Remember Remington Walden--NHTSA may reopen Jeep SUV fire probe after $150 million wrongful death verdict

Remington Walden

detroitnews - nhtsa-may-reopen-jeep-suv-fire-probe

This precious child had to die and a big verdict returned before NHTSA even seriously thought a thought that the back-room, idiotic "trailer-hitch recall" deal made between Marchionne, LaHood, and Strickland needed rethinking, because the trailer hitch fix does not protect vehicle occupants during high-speed crashes, the crashes that cause the most deaths.

Originally, Chrysler has provided twisted data to NHTSA and that apparently caused NHTSA to declare that the 1999 Jeep SUV did not pose an unreasonable risk. Huh? Sounds familiar. Marchionne's people try to keep hiding behind NHTSA.

The silver lining in this dreadful cloud is that maybe NHTSA will no longer consider closed investigations to be closed forever. If not the victims, at least the investigations may someday be revived for the purpose of finding the true truth that can undo this and other cheapo sweetheart deals that were made in the past between government and industry "friends."




Question: Will Toyota executives still sleep easy if they now know that a lethal defect does not just pass into history, no matter how many sweet deals they have made to cover up?