Monday, February 1, 2016

Senator Elizabeth Warren: "Rigged Justice: How Weak Enforcement Lets Corporate Offenders Off Easy"

"No corporation can break the law unless people in that corporation also broke the law."
"Corporate criminals routinely escape prosecution for their misconduct."

Senator Elizabeth Warren, the best candidate for Vice President, has written a report that clarifies just where the US Department of Justice has failed in its enforcement duties. The report points the way forward to establishing more vigorous enforcement of existing laws. I hope that when elected, she will lead the administration to establish fair and complete law enforcement by the DoJ and also by  NHTSA and every other regulator. It's a statement reminding us that if Bernie Sanders is elected, he can fix the problem of undue corporate influence even without the help of Congress (eventually, Congress will come around if they recognize a widespread rebellion among their constituents.)

Here's what she writes about GM. She could have written something similar about Toyota, but chose instead to use two more recent examples of the same pattern -- GM and Honda.