Sunday, September 18, 2016

doc F00956-ATX-14937907 TRY to catch a software bug before Tundra goes into mass production?

hiding a card...

F00956-ATX-14937907 doc that Toyota did not produce to U.S. govt, claiming it is irrelevant

source doc is somewhere in this group of 245 Japanese source docs
This document records an attempt to catch a potentially critical software bug in the cruise control that can lead to uncommanded acceleration, and the bug catching opportunity is immediately before mass production, which is too late. For every bug fixed, more are likely created.

This doc was shown on CNN, and Toyota vigorously denied that anything was wrong with the software. Its public statement [see text below] on that show, March 1, 2011, was almost surely misleading, and should be investigated as likely part of its cover-up of software defects.

Even if this defect was caught, it raises a large question about other defects that were not caught in time, as was admitted to by R&D chief Takimoto.

toyota defends itself laughably while attacking CNN