Saturday, September 6, 2014

Denso's Osawa testifies UNDER OATH IN BOOKOUT "we never found a bug"

Osawa's bug-eating plant---it makes bugs disappear, like magic!

Barr on stand, again, in Bookout:


Just as the name suggests, flypaper traps are passive mechanisms that consist of a sticky substance secreted from glands on the plant’s leaves. Insects that fly into the sticky hairs get stuck. Then, the plant begins its work. Slowly, the edges of the leaf where the insect is stuck roll up to encapsulate and digest the bug. The process may take several days.
Sundew plants (like the one illustrated above) produce long tentacles topped with a sweet, sticky substance. Once an insect gets stuck, more tentacles move in the direction of the insect to make a tighter trap.   - from