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       Every law firm’s fear: translator decides to keep documents she translated and become whistle blower

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25 September 2014 - A translator who provided internal Toyota documents to news reporters has objected to the carmaker’s requests for sanctions against her for alleged failure to obey a protective order in litigation over sudden acceleration.

....Toyota was hiding the truth about what caused the sudden unintended acceleration, she believed. They were blaming floor mats and many other causes, the “ghost in the machine” as one Toyota PR suit said. But the ghost wasn’t floor mats or driver error, and the company knew it she says.
As a translator, Benjaminson had access to thousands of Toyota’s classified documents spanning from 2002-2010, mostly run-of-the-mill accident reports and records of repairs, but also internal business memos and emails from engineers. As the months went by, a pattern began to emerge from the static of the corporate correspondence and technical manuals, an occasional whisper that turned increasingly into a roar she could not ignore.
As Benjaminson dug deeper, she felt she had no choice but to reveal what she saw, consequences be damned.
Despite the strident denials from Toyota, and the US government reports, Benjaminson felt that the documents in her hands proved that Toyota engineers knew there was a serious problem with their cars causing sudden acceleration, something well beyond oversized floor mats.
Not surprisingly, Benjaminson was fired by her translation agency after they found out she was behind the leaks.
She has lost a lot of income, but in the end she says “maybe it was stupid, but I was honest”.

However … as always … money seems to rule. As the directors at two staffing agencies told us: “we can price remote reviews at a much, much lower cost for the client than an in-house review and that is why they are becoming so popular, especially translation projects”.

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