Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Impeachable, ....or not


Now allow this simple person to think and write some more about human rights and corporate crime, and how the State (in other words, the US federal government) is responsible for protecting and defending the human rights of its citizens, but it appears these days as less powerful and less effective than multi-national organizations (in other words, corporations) that make their own rules (in other words, corporate "laws") and that expect obedience of employees, customers, and other involved persons. The corprorations seem to be able to employ the laws of the State in their own service, to enforce obedience, but seem to be able to easily circumvent those laws whenever they are inconvenient, in other words, whenever they may limit corporate profitability.

Our system of government was designed with the express intent to empower the people and to limit the state's power to control the people against their will. Today it may not be performing as designed, but that is the basic design. Corporations, as non-state actors, are not so designed; in fact, they are designed to disempower the people and to maximize their own control whenever they find legal or semi-legal means to do so. Bad political leaders can be impeached by the representatives of the people. Bad corporate leaders can only be removed by their boards or shareholders, not by their workers or customers.

When considering the behavior of corporations toward workers, customers, and other ordinary people, especially with respect to information control as a means of empowering themselves, authoritarian forms of government come to mind.