Saturday, September 13, 2014

Toy Message: "Don't worry, be happy"

This is what we like to tell anyone who claims their car went out of control

Don't worriy be happy video: Bobby McFerrin

You know McFerrin, back in 1988, seems to be talking about the 99% stuff before its time. I am a little distant, here in Israel, from the American cultural groove, but I personally think that it relates to any kind of crap dished out by corporations, banks, etc. to any 99%ers, with whatever shiny object is at hand-- whether it is to sink small investors underwater, to use deceitful mortgages to suck money out of pockets and throw people out of their own houses by foreclosure, or to sell shiny cars that are pieces of dangerous junk inside, whatever...the end result is the poor get poorer while being duped by corporate disinformation (maybe we should just call it fraud?) that so effectively sells them expensive but lethal products, and then they are soothed by more denial-disinformation when those already-poor people are hurt, sick, homeless, or dead. ("Don't worry be happy") This happens even to smart and educated people who think they know better. Somehow the propaganda is so pervasive that it is hard to recognize. No one is immune. I know that I am the millionth person to say this but I am saying it anyway because I am just not happy, I am angry.

One of the most despicable things that I've noticed is the huge vacuum cleaning operation that continually takes away evidence of electronically-induced UA. Quite a few cars and parts that had serious UA problems have been bought back or swapped out. They then disappear.

Where is the evidence now? I think it must be all destroyed, or in Japan. As Randy Whitfield pointed out, NASA did not get it. Haggerty's car did not show up in at NASA Goddard in GreenBelt or any other NASA office.

Can't the DOJ issue a preservation of evidence order that would cover every vehicle and part that consumers allege was involved in UA, and also the EDR readouts, and related tech inspection reports? And then we will see what has been concealed.

If even little me, who is not alleged to have caused even one physical injury (well, OK, maybe I have slightly injured a few big egos), has been issued a preservation of evidence order by a federal court, I do not see why an organization that has admitted to deceiving consumers in ways that killed them would not be subject to such an order.  It would only be fair to all.

Where is Haggerty's car?

Be happy when you are being ripped off and lied to
--it's OK, really, everything is just OK.