Monday, June 15, 2015

After SUA, a Toyota dealer crystal ball always says "There is nothing wrong with your car"

There is nothing wrong....everything is fine...go home and have confidence in your car's safety...

"dealers and their service technicians often see such safety defects long before they are well known to the public or to federal safety regulators. If dealers were truly free to let consumers know about the safety and repair problems they see, they could serve as a critical early warning system for consumers and regulators, letting car buyers and safety officials know about dangerous defects and pushing their customers to fix those problems — before they cause dozens of deaths on the road."
"Why doesn't this happen today? ...giant carmakers routinely order their franchised dealers not to furnish critical safety information or information about technical service and repair bulletins to their customers."
"So most dealers stay silent. But failing to disclose the information turns dealers into silent accomplices in manufacturers' efforts to conceal defects that often prove deadly on the road. "