Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Queue--55 GM lawyers and others to be deposed by "Bulldog" Hilliard & Co.

Outside counsel and chief whitewasher Anton R. Valukas.
Deposition: September 24

"retiring" GM general counsel Michael Milliken. 
Deposition: August 26.
Worked in GM's legal department since 1977.
He must know a lot.

These men head up the top of the least 53 more to follow.

Meanwhile, let us not forget the US attorneys who are investigating GM. The WSJ reported in August 2014: 
"Federal prosecutors are scrutinizing whether employees inside and outside General Motors Co.'s legal department concealed evidence from regulators about a faulty ignition switch, potentially delaying a recall of vehicles with the fatal problem, according to people familiar with the matter."
[The Valukas report] "faulted the company's lawyers for failing to alert other managers to lawsuits against GM that could have helped resolve a pattern of accidents in which air bags failed to deploy. The legal department is just one area prosecutors are looking into for possible criminal liability, one of the people familiar with the matter said." 
Presuming the prosecutors are still hard at work on their investigation, wouldn't it be simply wonderful if Mr. Hilliard forced GC Milliken to admit enough truth under oath that he and his cronies could land in jail? And wouldn't it be great if other plaintiffs' counsel adopted this approach, deposed more inside/defense lawyers, and helped the DOJ get more auto executives and inside/defense counsel into the orange jump suits that they so badly deserve?