Friday, June 19, 2015

Akio Toyoda: Julie's package was "unintended" violation of Japan's drug law

Akio-kun bowing at press conference.

Unintended smuggling--that's what it must have been, says Akio Toyoda at a hastily-called press conference in Tokyo after his global PR chief Julie-chan was arrested on suspicion of mailing herself a package of "necklaces" that was reported to contain narcotic painkillers placed in bags at the bottom of the package. 


Akio-kun apologizes, as he did to Congress when summoned to testify about unintended acceleration. Just how much lack of intent there was in either case remains to be fully explored.

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From Reddit:
Yasuhide_Oomori 3 נקודות  
She will be sentenced to 12 months for a minimum in prison by Section 64 of Narcotics and Psychotropics Control Law of Japan.
And Section 38-3 of criminal code of Japan
Lacking knowledge of law shall not be deemed lacking the intention to commit a crime; provided, however, that punishment may be reduced in light of the circumstances.
From Japanese TV:
 Julie taken to see the prosecutors - in a Nissan.

In custody and unavailable for comment.