Monday, June 8, 2015

NHTSA's Rosekind attempts to turn over a few new leaves

New leaves being turned?

Rosekind smiles

In part, this reads:
"One report released today, “NHTSA’s Path Forward,” provides the results of a year-long due-diligence review Secretary Foxx requested in the wake of the GM ignition switch investigation. Based on weaknesses identified in the review, the report outlines changes to improve the agency’s ability to hold manufacturers accountable collecting information more efficiently and auditing carmakers and their suppliers; expanding NHTSA’s expertise on new and emerging technologies; implementing a systems safety approach designed to encourage questioning of assumptions; implementing new and improved data mining techniques; improving control of the investigative process; and strengthening internal and external communications."

Question: Will the assumptions to be questioned include the assumptions that NHTSA and NASA exhaustively studied Toyota's ETC, and that Toyota told them the whole truth about its design?