Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Tokyo police speak some more: "No exceptions" for big companies

Police boss.

トヨタ女性役員逮捕 警視庁、大企業相手に「例外なし」毅然捜査 偽装輸送で違法性疑う
Toyota female officer arrested: police say "no exceptions" for big companies
Vigorous investigation   Criminal intent is suspected on basis of disguised package

Yahoo news headlines Sunday 28 June
[here is a rushed translation of the quotes and interesting sentences. The rest of the article text just repeats the background facts. These police are not PR pros--are they??--but here it is for the record.]

"We arrested her because we had reasons to. We are not acting recklessly."

A senior police official said this a few days after Julie Hamp was arrested on the 18th.

  From the time of her arrest, suspect Hamp has denied that she "thought she imported drugs." However, according to a senior police officer, "She sent [the drugs] disguised as necklaces. It is probable that she had an intent to break the law."

The package that suspect Hamp imported suggests that she had criminal intent.

 Senior police officer: "This case had a clear need for an arrest. It would not be overlooked because the person is an executive of a large corporation." A senior investigator emphasizes: "The necessary searches are all being done." Customs inspector: "We inspect anyone's packages when they are suspicious. This time it happened to be a Toyota officer."

In Japan and the United States, oxycodone cannot be used without a doctor's prescription. In the U.S., widespread use among young people is becoming a social problem. Attorney Sakae Komori, who is knowledgeable about drug problems, says "This is a person with a social standing, even if she is a foreigner. It is hard to believe that she did not know anything at all about the social problem of its abuse in the U.S. or about its status as a controlled substance in Japan."

The view is becoming widespread that the start of the investigation was fixed "after considerable discussion." The arrest was two days after the shareholders meeting and the raids were conducted in the afternoon when they are usually done in the morning. The police appear to be aware and concerned about the impact on the shareholders meeting and the share price.

Professor Osamu Watanabe of Konan University Law School, who specializes in the Code of Criminal Procedure, says "if there is an initial presumption that that there is a low risk of interference with the investigation from the suspect's disappearance, it is a legitimate investigation technique to adjust the arrest based on compromise with the social life of the suspect."

The Metropolitan Police Department is carefully examining the reasons that the tablets were hidden in the small box and the history of drug use by suspect Hamp.