Saturday, June 27, 2015

Humpty-dumpty sat on a wall ..............   ハンプティー ダンプティー

some more whys...


"If convicted,  Hamp could face years in prison followed by deportation. There are two parts of this story which signal that Hamp is probably in for a rough ride: very bad, [i.e. no proof of criminal intent] and very, very, very bad [i.e. criminal indictment and conviction].
.."If police suspicions are investigated and verified, and the evidence shows that Hamp intentionally hid the pills in a way as to make it less likely that customs would find them, there’s very little defense she could mount. In order to know to hide the pills and to refrain from declaring them on the customs label, she would have had to have known that they were illegal in Japan. And that’s criminal intent.
...Now this goes from an “oopsie” with potential embarrassing and costly consequences for Hamp personally, and for Toyota, to a planned criminal enterprise. 
...Regardless of if this was an “oopsie” or not, given that Hamp’s role is as head of public relations and marketing, she could not have chosen a worse way to fail at her job."

 Question: Why would Julie take such a risk? She probably understood the delicacy of her high position and that making even one serious mistake would cause her downfall.