Saturday, June 20, 2015

The feeling of oxycodone, as reported by an abuser of the drug

Good god oxycodone is f*cking awesome, haha

Posted by: Geneity ("self-proclaimed advocate")
Posted November 25 2008 - 05:54 PM

"I had tried 60mg's worth a few months ago. I started by taking 15mg's. I felt pretty stimulated but quite good, and then I snorted another 15mg about 2 hours later and started to feel all warm and fuzzy and ridiculously good. Started to nod a little too.
Well I went to the dentist to get 2 wisdom teeth pulled recently and got 8 Percocets (the bastards, lol). 5/325's. Sure it's not the best form of oxycodone but I took 4 of them yesterday and found the familiar opiated feeling to be intensely pleasurable. It's just fantastic. But after like 2 hours it started to get even stronger. I compared oxycodone's euphoria to straight d-amphetamine euphoria. They're both quite strong but I found yesterday that oxycodone is even stronger. After a few hours (like 1.5-2) it started to get really intense. Intense is really the best word to describe it. The body high never really got past a feeling of electricity but the euphoria was just like raping the living shit shit out of my dopamine receptors. Haha. It was amazing =(
It's super obvious why it's so addictive. Because it's completely awesome. Unlike amphetamine I have no motivation to stop. Because when you're really tweaking it's hard to eat and impossible to sleep and you're just crazy. It can get pretty distressing and annoying sometimes but oxy is just like 4 hours of fun and then it kind of goes away. But you start to fiend not long after the plateau starts to fade. Terrible. This will have to be something I save for occasion. 
It's crazy they prescribe this to people."

[I am so far removed from drugs that I had never even heard of this drug until Julie allegedly tried to smuggle some into Japan. So I am finding out what it is and why the police got so excited.]