Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Toyota's HQ in Tokyo--
raided along with the Toyota City HQ

トヨタ役員麻薬密輸 警視庁、愛知・豊田市の本社など家宅捜索


The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has raided Toyota headquarters.
The raids were carried out on April 23 in relation to the alleged smuggling of 57 drug tablets by suspect Julie Hamp, a Toyota Managing Officer, after her arrest last week. The tablets were said to have been sent to her from the United States.
The police raided both the Toyota City headquarters and also Tokyo headquarters in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.

[intriguingly, the video caption says "and other places" were also raided, without specifying what places.][Asahi Shimbun reports that three places were raided, but doesn't name the third place.]


Reuters also reports, also with today's new police leak:
Hamp told police she brought the drugs into Japan to treat pain in her knees, Kyodo News reported earlier on Tuesday.
Asahi Shimbun reports today that Julie is sticking to her denial of the charges.