Thursday, June 11, 2015

Engie mobile app empowers auto owners with repair info and matching mechanics

Price: $9.00

With Israeli chutzpah, mobile app start-up company Engie is helping Israeli auto owners stay in the driver's seat when it comes to auto repairs. Next year Engie is planned to launch the U.S. too.

The app lets owners know what is really wrong with their cars, and lets them pick the right mechanic for the repair job. When customers feel empowered, they are likely to keep themselves safer by getting safety-related and other repairs done promptly.

Read more and see videos in the Times of Israel here.

"Now there’s an app and a device that promises to give drivers all the data they need about what is wrong (and right) with their vehicles.
“Our system, called Engie, provides vehicle diagnosis similar to what customers can get at their mechanics,” said Gal Aharon, Engie CMO and co-founder. “We believe that most mechanics are honest, but with Engie, customers no longer have to wonder if they are or aren’t, because they come into a repair situation with information about what a repair will entail and how much it will cost.”
Engie won “Best Start-up App” at this week’s Israel Mobile Summit in Tel Aviv, beating out over 100 other mobile start-ups."

I am pretty sure that automakers and their dealers won't like this much at all, for giving more power back to independent garages and customers. All the more because Engie is woman-friendly company.

Looking forward to the planned 2016 launch in the U.S., I hope Engie finds great success in giving power to the people and keeping automakers, dealers, and garages honest.

Gal Aharon, Engie's CMO and co-founder.