Friday, June 19, 2015

Julie Hamp labels her box of narcotic pills "necklaces," puts pills in paper bag at the bottom

 Some necklaces.

 Reuters reports:
"Japanese media reports on Friday quoted police investigators as saying 57 highly addictive Oxycodone pills from the United States were scattered in a small parcel addressed to Hamp in Japan and labeled 'necklaces'. The parcel contained toy pendants and necklaces as well as the pills, they said."
"Hiroaki Okamoto, a criminal defense lawyer at the Nakamura International Criminal Defense Office in Tokyo who is not involved in the case, said the large number of pills involved meant that, if indicted, Hamp could face years in prison, followed by deportation." 
NHK reports:
"The pills were not only put in the bottom of the package, they were also placed inside a case and also inside a paper bag." 
Asahi Shimbun online reports:
my translation: "When police investigated, they found that there were two types of pills. Some of them had been placed underneath the 'pedestal' inside the case of a toy pendant. The police regard this as a possible intentional concealment of the drugs by suspect Hamp."

 Julie's most sincere Twitter slogan.
She must have fit right in at Toyota.