Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Japanese police do their job

An oxy pill.

www.47news reports:
トヨタ役員就任後に複数回出入国 逮捕のハンプ容疑者

My free translation:
"Suspect Hamp left and entered Japan multiple times after being appointed a Toyota officer
...Police investigators have learned that Julie Hamp, suspected of smuggling narcotic oxycodone tablets, has repeatedly entered and left Japan since her April 1 appointment as a Managing Officer at Toyota. She re-entered Japan just prior to her arrest.
    Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Organized Crime Section 5 is currently investigating the circumstances of Hamp sending the pills in an international courier package instead of bringing in the drugs on her person while she repeatedly entered the country."

Chunichi shimbun reports:
My translation:
"The investigating police unit is also progressing in its analysis of the records of email communications sent and received from suspect Hamp's personal computer, which was seized at the hotel where she was staying."