Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Reporter reports on Julie's situation in detention

In Harajuku, Tokyo.

A rather shady form of journalism results when the reporter quotes himself in his story, but this is what we have from someone who has actually seen Julie (apparently), so I am translating it for the record. (again, rather in a rush). According to information that I posted last week about detention conditions in Japan, her situation seems typical.


Toyota officer Julie Hamp (55) who was arrested on June 18 by the Metropolitan Police Department, Organized Crime Group 5, is said to be completely haggard and emaciated from her unaccustomed life in custody. According to the reporter in charge of this story,

"She is in custody in the Harajuku police station, where there is a jail for women. She is feeling the stress of a life in which phones or PCs cannot be used, and suffers from insomnia because the electric lights stay on even during sleeping hours. Every day, she looks restless and irritated/vexed/frustrated, but whether or not there is withdrawal from oxycodone is unknown."


"She is in a position as officer of a global company, and her annual income is in the hundreds of millions of yen, so she is an elite. Even if we were to presume she is drug-dependent, it is inconceivable that she sells drugs. It is said that there is a need to investigate the surrounding [people and circumstances] that would normally take days, and it is a matter for which it would not be unusual for custody to require the next 12 days at a minimum."



Not just Toyota, but any company would have a serious compliance problem in a situation in which an officer is arrested for drugs.

"On that basis alone, there was a concern that the general shareholder's meeting would fall into confusion and disputes if an officer was arrested for drugs in the days prior to the meeting, and shareholder voices would be raised to question the responsibility of Toyota's management team. There was also an expected impact on the share price, so the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested her two days later on the 18th in consideration of these factors."




「ワイド特集 七転八起の七転八倒」より

 Even given the strength of the Metropolitan Police Department, their opponent is a super giant company with net earnings reaching 2 trillion yen. Perhaps they may have worried about the potential impact in the political world, or perhaps retirees from Toyota or its affiliates are among the old boys employed in the Metropolitan Police Department.

So, the reporter inquired about the presence or absence of of Toyota's former employees, and the answer was: "There are no such facts. I cannot comment on our employment of retirees because that is related to personal privacy." (Metropolitan Police Department Public Relations Division)

Ms. Hamp still denies the charges. There is still no bail.

From the Wide feature, "Vicissitudes of Life" in Shukan Shincho magazine, July 2, 2015 issue