Wednesday, July 8, 2015



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Some say that Toyota's rival company squealed to a US investigation agency and that information was passed to Japan.
There are rumors that someone inside Toyota who was dissatisfied with President Toyoda's human resources stabbed her.
--- an involved person

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なんか大企業ってすげーなと思ってしまった 実際はどうなんかしらんけど / “トヨタ、法順守を改めて徹底…ハンプ元常務役員は不起訴に

Well I'll be damned, look at what a giant company can do. I don't know the facts, but Toyota is saying that they are going to be more thorough in their compliance...but their former managing officer got away with no prosecution.

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The U.S. probably asked them not to prosecute her.