Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Japanese press reports: Julie to be released this afternoon

Japanese press camp outside the Harajuku Police Station, where Julie has been held

Reports are emerging about the behind-the-scenes tangle between Toyota and the police, with quotes from both sides, and criticism of Toyota's handling of the crisis.
I am not yet sure whether these are worth translating. Stay tuned.

I think it is pretty obvious that Julie cannot hold a press conference on the steps of the police station. Too bad, as we would love to hear from her...but lawyers like silent clients, and she has needed her lawyers. [update: sure enough, she didn't]

A Toyota employee was quoted as saying that the police did not bother to inform Toyota about the arrest until 1 AM the night after, despite the presence of retired police officers who now work at Toyota. Springing a surprise like that is exactly the kind of trick that Toyota's lawyers like to use on their opponents, so I smile with some glee that this time Toyota got a taste of its own trickery, on the receiving side.