Thursday, July 2, 2015

Japanese sentiment about "feigning ignorance" tweeted

俺はこういう事をやる人間が大嫌いだし、バレた後にシラを切るのを見るのも大嫌いだ。人間のカスだ。/ ハンプ容疑者辞任、「違法性の認識」が焦点 : 社会 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE  @Yomiuri_Onlineさんか

Shindo Iizuka: "I really hate people doing this kind of thing. I also hate it when, once the truth comes out, they feign ignorance. What human scum. Hamp resigned, but her awareness of the illegality is the focus" (from Yomiuri Online)


Iizuka-san, how about saying the same thing to Toyota management? They feigned ignorance after the Bookout trial verdict in Oklahoma in October, 2013, where the electronics defects that cause deadly sudden acceleration were finally made public and were proved to a jury. That feigning ignorance is far more harmful to the world's people than what Julie allegedly did and said.

More tweets [reminder: I am not endorsing, just translating]:


If she did not do anything, why did she quit? Perhaps she admitted it?

トヨタが言うハンプ容疑者をサポートする体制って、麻薬を税関職員に見つからずに輸入する体制ってこと? トヨタならそんなノウハウもありそうだな

What did Toyota mean when they spoke of a system for supporting suspect Hamp? A system for drug to avoid detection of imported drugs by customs officials?
Toyota also likely has that expertise, too, huh.