Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Local anger over non-prosecution of Toyota's female managing officer - tweet: way over the usual way of doing things

Here is another controversial, maybe even inflammatory article. I'm posting it now with a machine translation of each page. I am on a deadline, so am translating it properly bit by bit.







Locally, people are angry that Toyota's female former managing director was not prosecuted
 Tweet - way beyond normal way of doing things
July 8, 2015

 The day after the arrest, Toyota President organized a press conference to apologize

Nikkan Gendai

There is much ado about nothing-- the mountains have brought forth only a mouse. It is this. As imported drugs in international mail from the United States, suspect Julie Hamp (55), former Toyota Motor Managing Officer who was arrested last month on the 18th was released on July 8th at the end of her detention, with non-prosecution (prosecution grace) .

By the way, "prosecution grace" means that guilt is likely to be proven at trial, but prosecutors refrain at their discretion due to reasons such as low malicious intent. These cases are prosecuted at the discretion of the prosecutor. Even in the same non-prosecution, it is different when there is not enough evidence, when it is considered difficult to prove guilt in court, and that is called "insufficient suspicion."

"Hamp will probably return to the US right away. Then, case closed." - (Prosecutor)

On the 19th, the day after Hamp's arrest, Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota,held a press conference to apologize. Then on the 23rd, the Metropolitan Police Department raided Toyota headquarters. They went that far to make a public fuss, but not even a mouse emerges. Doesn't the general public wonder what is going on?




"Suspect Hamp lost her job when she resigned as Managing Officer, and Toyota got its own "sanctions" by losing trust with the public. It is obvious that some high-up people did something with a sense of "it's enough" and employed their political power and that worked, but when there was this much evidence, and no indictment, it would be impossible for an ordinary nameless person to have gotten this outcome" (a former prosecutor familiar with circumstances)

Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office, although hump suspect was aware of the illegality, there is a chronic disease in the knee, malicious resistance because what I had sent from their families in order to stop the pain is low. It is to be judged so.

"This affair became a scandal because there was definitely a leak from the U.S. Even if the US side had some sort of "speculation" about suspect Hamp or Toyota, with simple knee pain, do you think they would deliberately pass information out?  The local investigators are going way past their usual way of doing things, they are angry." (- an official)

Something is suspicious.