Friday, July 3, 2015

Toyota Japan employee: "anyone who troubles the public should take responsibility."

 A shock.
(see translation below)

     "Two weeks after the shocking arrest, Toyota Motor announced the resignation of managing officer suspect Julie Hamp (55), who was arrested on alleged Drug Control Law violations. Today, Toyota employees emerging from Toyota's office in Nakamura-ku, Nagoya commented 'It can't be helped, no choice' and 'responsibility should be taken.' On the other hand, opinions were also heard that the company should continue with its policy to promote human resources diversity.
  Another man in his 50s offered stern words--'anyone who causes trouble for the public should take responsibility.' A male engineer in his 40s said 'Having caused the problem itself, she has weak defenses. Based on her position, this can't be helped.'
In addition, another male employees in his 50s said, 'Toyota is a company that builds cars which can be life or death to people. The company should handle it more severely than an ordinary company.'
...Regarding Toyota's diversity policy, a male employee in his 40s remarked '(no problem) at all.' A male employee in his 50s said "I think they must be more cautious, but the direction should not change."

If only Toyota management would consider these words, and would seriously regard not just Japanese, but the American public, and the world's public, as "the public," and would take full, public responsibility for its dangerously defective throttle control system -- that has killed people --by admitting its defects and its guilt, and seeking and accepting the resignations of those involved in its design, testing, statistics-keeping, advertising, PR, and legal defense.