Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Julie Hamp to be released by July 8. No indictment.



In the incident that suspect Julie Hamp, former Toyota Managing Officer (55) was arrested for alleged Narcotics Control Law violations (imports), the 7th Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office has made a final decision to release her by July 8 at the end of her detention period.


The outlook is for no prosecution. The prosecutors have decided, on the basis that the suspect's family sent her the imported oxycodone to alleviate knee pain, that her malicious intent was low.


According to involved persons, suspect Hamp consistently said that "she knew that it was regulated in Japan" but that she "did not think it was a drug" and denied the charges.

2015年07月07日 14時30分
July 7, 2015, 14:30

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トヨタ自動車の前役員ハンプ容疑者を不起訴へ 「悪質性低い」と判断 規制薬品と知っていての行為、これを不起訴にしたら類似版はいくらでも出てくるだろう。不起訴になるならリスクゼロだからねえ。トヨタが作った抜け穴になる。
....If no prosecution, it is because that means there is zero risk to them [prosecutors]. This becomes the loophole that Toyota made.