Saturday, July 4, 2015

Public Safety Commission head and Police Minister Eriko Yamatani linked with ultra-nationalist and revisionist Japanese groups

Eriko Yamatani,  associated with Zaitokukai member

 Seasoned Japanese crime reporter Jake Adelstein suggests nationalist background to Hamp arrest story Zaitokukai links to yakuza/
"Prosecutors don’t seem to care so much about justice — it all comes down to winning the case. Hamp may simply be on the losing side; her guilt or innocence is irrelevant.
National Police Agency sources say Eriko Yamatani, chairman of the Public Safety Commission, which oversees the country’s police force, was consulted as well before the arrest. This in of itself isn’t odd — Toyota is a major pillar of the domestic economy.
It’s worth noting, however, that weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun has previously accused Yamatani of being associated with Zaitokukai, an ultranationalist group that has been condemned by the United Nations, the United States and the National Police Agency.
In the end, Hamp will probably confess — almost everyone does. Unfortunately, however, her “confession” may only serve to reinforce Zaitokukai’s view that non-Japanese are nothing but trouble." - about the nationalist group to which Yamatani belongs - about the ultranationalist group with which Yamatani is alleged to be associated, and from which she has admitted receiving donations in 2010.

story of the donations from zaitokukai member(s) (in Japanese)

To be fair, plenty of Japanese do not like Yamatani. Here they are calling on her to resign 

"Yamatani - quit!"