Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Toyota engineer Takeshi Ogawa says there is NO TEST FOR UA

Omni-test?  ...doesn't exist

In blazingly sharp contrast to Jim Lentz's vague but sworn testimony made to the good congressman from Beverly Hills, Henry Waxman, for the TV cameras... to wit:
"I am relying on the information that I have received from Japan, that they are confident that testing has been done in Japan and they are confident that there are not issues with the ECU."

Now here comes engineer/manager Takeshi Ogawa, who said in his interview with U.S. House investigators, deep in the back offices of a House office building, far from the cameras, verbatim: 
"There is no particular or special testing that would directly prove that there is no unintended acceleration."

Which is true?

And here is Dr. Koopman, on the stand, speaking of Toyota's witness Ishii: