Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Motion- burning, exhibits- burning, order- burning

Through the experience of being served a subpoena that borders on the wild and the crazy, like scriptwriting, I have learned how much I love to write the truth. Maybe this truth can burn up the whole motion and subpoena, provided Judge Selna is smart and truly fair. It would be so satisfying to see the truth come out. But this is my first experience with a U.S. federal court, so it is a shot in the dark.

I called up a California attorney (who lives here) to find out how to file the motion I am preparing because I am stuck about that. I said "Opposing counsel is Skadden." He said, "Oh, that firm is arguably the most powerful law firm on earth!" Huh, really? 

I would never have thought so after reading their motion, except perhaps in their hubris in filing it.

But I try to burn it up and--who am I?
Maybe my hotly written motion will be legally ridiculous, and I will instead look foolish like this. 

All I can do is my best!!