Monday, August 4, 2014

Feeding frenzy?

A hammerhead
Sometimes I wonder who is reading this blog and for what purpose.

There are clues that at least some of the people reading it are actually hostile to its message and that they are perhaps using it to feed themselves and their legal briefs. One key clue is that any harsh truth I post that is adverse to Toyota is viewed very lightly. In contrast, any post that can be construed as an admission gets subjected to a feeding frenzy. Oh, I am looking forward to seeing your handiwork of lots and lots of beautiful legal pages, boys and girls. How much of a villian can you construct from these posts?

But anyway, Truth is Us. If you want to try to punish or bankrupt me for telling the truth, go right ahead, you can try. You are all welcome, whatever side you are on. Read away. Gorge yourselves and enjoy. I'm glad you're here for whatever reason.