Sunday, August 10, 2014

Chris Tinto - the bar of Hotel George...

Rio Tinto - deep and red

Chris Tinto is an interesting person. He is multi-faceted. He is the guy quoted by the DOJ as saying "If so many lies are told, someone is going to go to jail."

When I was in Washington to see the Senate staffers, I noticed that I had Chris's cell phone number. I invited him to join me at the bar of the Hotel George, around the corner from the Capitol, for a little intimate conversation. The rest of this story is secret.

Reminder quote from the DPA with DOJ:

Toyota agrees to:
"Volunteer and provide to the [DOJ SD NY] Office any information and documents that come to Toyota's attention that may be relevant to the Office's investigation of this matter, any issue related to the Statement of Facts, and any issue that would fall within the scope of the duties of the independent monitor (the "Monitor") as set forth in paragraph 15....
(i) bring to the Office's attention any administrative or regulatory proceeding or civil action or investigation by any U.S. government authority that alleges fraud by Toyota.
(j) commit no crimes whatsoever under the federal laws of the United States subsequent to the execution of this Agreement."