Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pro se subpoena defense

An unwealthy man, but one with energy and guts

Now I have managed to submit objections to Skadden, as was reported here.
But I cannot hire an attorney to represent me for now, due to lack of funds, so I am proceeding as best I can, pro se, that is, representing myself. This is the poor man's legal defense. But it is a great opportunity to dispense with the legal "business as usual" kind of defense. I will be able to focus sharply on the real picture that includes the issue before Judge Selna's court and the larger context.

Sharpen the focus
I hope to write something that will represent the interests of all those consumers whose needs for safety and for corporate accountability have so far fallen through the cracks of every branch of the US government.

Cracks in government protections for consumers

The subpoena is like a house built on sand. Let's see if I can knock it down. How interesting!

House on sand