Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Great coaching, Ted Hester, Jim Lentz says "testing has been done."

A "zikit," otherwise known as a chameleon

Here is a beautifully composed (misleading but probably not quite perjurious?) statement under oath by Jim Lentz in 2010. Jim, trying his very best after he raised his hand and swore to tell the truth, uttered it to Rep. Henry Waxman and colleagues during hearings before the U.S. House Energy & Commerce Committee. It is in the public transcript of the hearing.

"I am relying on the information that I have received from Japan, that they are confident that testing has been done in Japan and they are confident that there are not issues with the ECU.    ... We have looked into the electronics. And based on the testing we have done in Japan and now Exponent... we have not found a malfunction."

The purporedly reliable information from Japan was extracted from Messrs. Ogawa and Kishi, two Toyota engineers who were interviewed by House counsel at around the same time. Stay tuned for the next post, where you will read what they had to say.

We've already learned just how much Congress and the public could rely on the good-faith cooperation and whole-truth statements about Exponent's testing, courtesy of Dr. Shukri Souri. (See a previous post.)