Sunday, August 17, 2014

LEXUS plows through dog grooming shop

Car [LEXUS] plows into Doggie D’Tails business

[note: shop staff confirms the vehicle make after reporter somehow misses that fact]
Car smashes store
Kianna Sam remembers a blast and an “explosion of glass.”
That’s how Doggie D’Tails receptionist described it when
a driver plowed through the storefront at 1417 of East Kenosha on Friday, Aug. 15.
A woman, who ironically came to pick up her dog from the grooming business,
bumped the parking lot curb before revving through the glass front and nearly 
all the way back to the grooming area.
“I saw her bump the curb and hesitate,” Sam said of the 12:30 p.m., incident.
 “Then, the car came flying through and hit our wall.”
The shock of the entry was enough, but the car’s tires kept squealing. 
The odor of burning rubber soon filled the place.
Luckily, Sam and the rest of the dogs in the back were unhurt. Shaken, but unhurt.
“The whole shop smelled like burning rubber,” said Sam, who has worked there six 
months. “I had glass on my face and glass was everywhere.”
Manager Sarah George had just left the business before the car entered.
“We see people hit the curb,” George said. “We never see them drive over it.”