Monday, October 27, 2014

Toyota wants to use big data collected from its vehicles

Catching all driving data.

An upbeat article about the growing automaker involvement with Israe'ls high-tech sector:

Globes: article-Israeli-innovation-gives-global-auto-industry-added-value-1000980470

One chilling comment from Toyota:
"According to [Toyota senior researcher in info tech Susumu] Kono, the subjects of interest to Toyota are using big data stored by the company from the use of its vehicles, such as driving speed, the road situation, temperatures inside and outside the car, etc. "We want to see how we can use these data with innovative developments," he explained."

This may sound nice at first blush, but just think of the implications for product liability plaintiffs who may not want the defendant to know their driving habits--it can provide the automaker with zillions more data items through which to search for reasons to blame the driver for any crash or for any type of crash. Given the enthusiasm with which Toyota vacuums up every scrap of customer complaint data while stonewalling customer requests for help and information on SUA, I am dubious that Toyota can be trusted to use this data solely for its benefits to drivers.