Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Matt Taibbi, the truly ballsy investigative journalist, writes an important book

American injustice.

I've been delving into the oddly numerous articles by the men involved in what I call the Manhattan Enmeshment, the revolving door of lawyers between corporate defense firms and the Southern District of NY US attorney's office. Debevoise & Plimpton's Toyota defense counsel consists of just these kinds of lawyers. One of them, Matthew Fishbein, wrote an article that I plan to review sometime soon. 

However, meanwhile, I have encountered the most refreshing writing of Matt Taibbi, who once wrote brashly for Rolling Stone, exposing the truthiest truths about the reasons for the non-prosecutions of Wall Street's most despicable criminals.

Here is a nice meaty review of Matt's recent book:

Matt's views also apply to the non-prosecution of Toyota's executives, and prosecutors' weird blindness about the vehicle electronics cover-up.

Now I recognize myself as a bonafide member of the class of ordinary citizens who are subject to American justice in its plain and simple form, not the twisted form that allows moneyed criminals to walk free after exerting irresisible political forces on prosecutors.