Saturday, October 25, 2014

Toyota defense counsel Joel Smith

Joel arrives in Santa Ana.

LA Times Toyota Lawsuits

November, 2010

In a webcast news conference, Toyota attorney Joel H. Smith said there was no evidence that even a single crash could be attributed to the cars' electronic throttle control systems.

February, 2011
Eye spy.
Toyota attorney Joel Smith proposed Friday that each page printed by the plaintiffs be marked with a radio frequency identification tag that can be detected by a scanner at the door to the study room. The judge suggested the two sides split the cost of the tagging, which could cost up to $1 per page.
"We'll know who walked out with a page of our paper," Smith said. "If somebody tore a piece of paper off and tried to take the untagged portion, the guard's going to have a page that's missing its tag. I think it's a very ingenious system that will add significantly to the security."
June 2012 (when Barr was already at work)

Smith: "It is a simple task now for the plaintiff to make broad statements of defect, but they will have to back that up with reliable scientific proof. We look forward to our turn, when plaintiffs finally have to prove something."

Maj. Wolfgang Hochstetter: You will all stay away from that rocket. [It is our crown jewel.] Did you hear me? What is going on there? Back, back, all of you. Back 
General von Rauscher: Who are you? 
Maj. Wolfgang Hochstetter: Major Hochstetter, Herr General, in charge of security here, and you're all much too close to this rocket. 
General von Rauscher: My dear major, there is no danger of it firing-... 
General von Rauscher: Firing? Who's worried about firing? I'm worried about spying. 
General von Rauscher: Are you aware that I am in charge of this project, and that this is the inventor? 
Maj. Wolfgang Hochstetter: [Zagoskin hands him his notebook] Until I clear you, you will please stop inventing. 
[points at Marya
Maj. Wolfgang Hochstetter: Who is that woman? 
General von Rauscher: She is my interpreter, Hochstetter. 
Col. Wilhelm Klink: Yes, Major Hochstetter. And I believe a full corporal. 
Maj. Wolfgang Hochstetter: What is this bunglar doing here? 
General von Rauscher: Responsible for the security of our witness. 
Maj. Wolfgang Hochstetter: I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR SECURITY HERE. What witness? 
Col. Robert E. "Mike Barr" Hogan: Hi there. 
Maj. Wolfgang Hochstetter: What is this man doing here? 
General von Rauscher: Hochstetter, I am in charge of this project. And I am operating UNDER DIRECT AUTHORITY OF THE GERMAN GENERAL STAFF. 
Maj. Wolfgang Hochstetter: Traitors, all of them. What is this man doing here? 
General von Rauscher: I AM IN CHARGE OF SECURITY-... 
Maj. Wolfgang Hochstetter: WHAT IS THIS MAN DOING HERE? 
General von Rauscher: He is our witness. 
Maj. Wolfgang Hochstetter: Witness? You have chosen the most dangerous man in all of Germany as a witness. The Gestapo is taking over. I will surround this camp with a ring of steel. Anyone within a hundred yards of this rocket will be shot und reshot.