Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Exponent's Dr. Subbaiah Malladi is so helpful to NHTSA's Scott Yon and Jeff Quandt

A silver platter.

Memo from Subbaiah about scope of warranty data submitted to NHTSA

In oh-so-sharp contrast to its choke, cough "service" to UA victim customers, the recurring theme in Toyota's handling of government investigations, including Congress, NHTSA, and the DOJ, is "how can we be of service by providing you the precise information you need to get your job done?" Toyota's lawyers and other henchmen, masquerading as sincere help-meets, will spare no effort in providing (carefully scoped) data and elaborate explanations.

I want to help Mr. Kelley with explanations that provide an alternative view of reality than the version that was likely offered to the DOJ by Toyota's defense counsel Debevoise & Plimpton. If D&P's hatchet-job on the truth is anything like Ted Hester with Congress or Subbaiah Malladi with NHTSA, the good men and women of the FBI and DOJ may benefit from hearing a more thoroughly scoped version of events and causal relationships.